Def Leppard on Celebrity Apprentice

According to Joker’s Updates, Def Leppard will make an appearance on the May 15 episode of NBC’s The Apprentice:

“…Each finalist must produce a launch campaign for 7UP Retro, design a new can, produce a 30-second commercial, and present the entire campaign at a gala event. One finalist chooses the 1970s as the backdrop for their campaign, and the Harlem Globetrotters as the entertainment for their event. The other finalist chooses the 1980s and a concert by Def Leppard. Six fired Celebrities return to join the finalists and help them on their tasks. The 1980s finalist books Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister for their commercial, but runs into a roadblock with Def Leppard. ”

This episode was already filmed last year, so we probably won’t have to expect the band to play any new material.

UPDATE: the May 15 episode serves as a setup for the actual appearance of the band on the season finale, which broadcasts MAY 22.

(posted on our message board by AndyLGR)