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Def Leppard NOW is an UNOFFICIAL and UNAUTHORIZED fan-driven website that focuses on the past, present and future of Def Leppard. We have absolutely NO connections with the band or their crew, we are only Def Leppard fans.

The main purpose of this website is not to promote the band, but to inform Def Leppard fans, old and new, about as many aspects of the band as possible. New fans may learn some things about the band that they didn’t know and they could use our site as a (very) basic starting point, veteran fans may be more interested in what the band is currently up to.

Although we start out with the bare basics, we have plenty of intentions to expand the website. A more detailed listing of Def Leppard’s releases (although not a “full” discography) and a tour history are among our long-term plans. Let’s not talk about our plans for the short term because then you will hold it against us if these plans don’t come to fruition soon enough. ;-)

This site is not the same as the 90′s version of Def Leppard NOW. But, there are some connections. The name is being used with full permission and support of Mark Senff, the original webmaster of Def Leppard NOW, pre “EUPHORIA” era.

Because Mark was not interested in (or able to) maintaining the site as a webmaster, I took it upon myself to give it a try. I have been a Def Leppard fan since I saw them in Montreal in 1996 and even though there have been times when there were dozens of Def Leppard fan sites (click here to see just how many sites there were used to be), it seems that right now there are only very few that are for the “generic” Def Leppard fans (as opposed to websites that are more specialized in a specific aspect of Def Leppard such as discographies, bootlegs, and so on).

On top of that I was surprised to see that in this day and age of social networking, there are no Def Leppard fansites out there that have a “COMMENT” feature on news stories like so many other sites out there have. I think this can be a powerful feature to get discussions going, so I felt that should definitely be available.

I get some help from a few friends so I’m definitely not doing it all alone! As you will see, the heart of the website is made up by the fans, who contribute greatly by commenting on the news stories and posting on our message board.

Once again, we are not an official site and this web site will have no input from the band. It’s coming from me, a few friends, and the fans. Enjoy!