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Welcome to the Def Leppard Wiki!

The Def Leppard Wiki is an unofficial, fan-based site and is not affiliated with the band Def Leppard, their management or publishing company in any way.

It will serve as an online Def Leppard Encyclopaedia, which can be edited by anyone. Ultimately, this Wiki should contain information about every Def Leppard release (songs, albums, videos, DVDs, Blu-rays, books), every tour and show (dates, cities, set lists, TV appearances), band members, and so on.

Because the contents of this entire site can be edited by anyone and everyone, every mistake can be easily corrected and hopefully this will lead to the most accurate, informative and complete Def Leppard resource on the web.

If you would like to contribute, you are allowed to make any changes, additions and deletions as you see fit. Consult the User's Guide for general information on using the wiki software, but we will create a simpler "quick guide" in the near feature.

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